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Here are some of our local events happening in Schoharie County.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th 2017 – 6:00am – 9:00pm.

Blenheim 1 – Hitchcock Building 1748 Rt. 30, North Blenheim.

Broome 1 – Town Hall 920 St Rt 145, Broome.

Carlisle 1 – Town Hall 541 Crommie Rd, Carlisle.

Cobleskill 1&2 – Firehouse 610 Main Street Cobleskill.

Conesville 1 – Town Hall 1306 St Rt 990V, Conesville.

Esperance 1&2 – Village Hall 115 Church Street, Esperance.

Fulton 1 – Town Hall 1168 Bear Ladder Rd, West Fulton.

Gliboa 1 – Town Hall 373 St Rt 990V, Gilboa.

Jefferson 1 – Town Hall 677 N. Harpersfield Rd, Jefferson.

Middleburgh 1&2 – Middleburgh Library 323 Main Street, Middleburgh.

Richmondville 1&2 – Highway Building 115 Podpadic Rd, Richmondville.

Schoharie 1&2 – Schoharie School Library 136 Academy Dr, Schoharie.

Seward 1 – Town Barn 795 Lowe Rd, Seward.

Sharon 1&2 – Municipal Building 129 Main Street, Sharon Springs.

Summit 1 – Town Hall 1580 Charlotte Valley Rd, Summit.

Wright 1 – Town Hall 105 School St, Gallupville.

The Schoharie County Democratic Committee will be meeting:

To be announced…

Candidate Forum – Wright:

Saturday, October 21st at 7:00 – 8:30 pm at the Gallupville House NY-443 Gallupville NY 12073.

For the first time, all resident in Wright will have the opportunity to ask those hard questions, listen to the answers and ask follow-up questions, questions about budget, taxes, road conditions, broadband, highway superintendent position, playground and other issues that effect how we live and get along in the town.  October 21st at 7PM the Candidate Forum is open to all candidates and all residents.  Candidates seeking election in November have been invited and they include:

For Supervisor – Harry Beninati and Alex Luniewski

For Board Member – George Karlewicz, Mark Stolzenburg, and Jerome Snyder

For Highway Superintendent – Keith Kearney and George Schager

Timed to coincide with the Gallupville Fire Department’s annual Turkey Supper, organizers hope that many residents will share a community dinner and then visit the Gallupville House to hear the candidates speak.

Looking to become part of the political process? Want a chance to help build a party that can confront the challenges of today?

Contact us! We would like to hear from you!

4 Responses to Get Involved!

  1. Carol Greenman says:

    Just keep me informed.
    Thank you.

  2. Susan Spivack says:

    I would love to receive minutes of last night’s County Comm. Meeting, and have a way to read minutes from past meetings. I’m looking for a way to be involved with the Democratic Party. Are there committees one could consider joining without being an elected member of a Town Committee? If so, what are they?

    Is there an outreach committee that’s looking to connect with all the groups and individuals now doing progressive political work in the county to learn their wants and needs, and to put out calls for people willing to run for elected positions anywhere in the county as Democrats?

  3. Susan Spivack says:

    I’d love to receive the minutes of last night’s County Comm. Meeting, and find a way to read minutes of past meetings. I’m looking for ways to be involved with the Schoharie County Democrats.

    Is there any organized effort since the Trump election to reach out to the groups and individuals working in this County for all kinds of progressive goals (Rural Awakening/Empowered Together/Blue Streak/the Respect for All folks? Is any effort being made to find people who want to run as Democrats for any of the elected offices coming up for votes next November in our Towns?

  4. admin says:

    Thank you for your interest. We are working on a way to add our meeting minutes to this website. But otherwise, currently all committee meetings begin with the reading of the minutes from the prior meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend. We advertise these meeting here on this page, on our Facebook page, an also share the meeting announcements with the two other groups you mentioned above (Rural Awakening and Blue Streak) on their Facebook pages. There are committee people working with the groups you have mentioned as well, discussing the upcoming elections is among the many things we are working on together.
    As for the effort of finding those that would like to run in the next election, there is a very specific process the Democratic committee must follow. As town caucuses are announced by the committee members in your town, they will be posted here on this site under the “Get Involved” tab. All registered democrats in that town have a voting right at this caucus to nominate those interested in running. This information can also be found on our Facebook page – Schoharie County Democrats.

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